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Front view from the Vertiberry container farm for strawberry research.

Strawberry Vertical Farming

Grow delicious strawberries. Anywhere. Anytime

Modular strawberry vertical farm design

The Vertiberry solution is all about flexibility! We tailor the system to your needs based on the modular desing of our farms.

Container farms for strawberries We offer a truly scalable container farm platform in case you want to get growing as quickly as possible and grow with your customer base. From one to many containers to suit the production volume you target.

Vertical farm for strawberries – For the most optimal setup we advise you to retrofit an existing warehouse or construct a dedicated warehouse to produce tasty strawberries without any pesticides.

Strawberry vertical farming - Tasty red organic strawberry without pesticides.

Discover our strawberry vertical farming solutions

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  • Grow local and organic strawberries without pesticides.
  • Highest yield, 365 days per year. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • A growing solution tailored to your needs to get the best ROI.